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A handmade ledger book from 1794 belonging to Alexander McBeth & Company, who began operations in Greenville County in the early 1790s. The store stood on the White Horse Road. This ledger is held by the Greenville County Library System's South Carolina Room.

American Spinning Company

Contains photographs of the mill, village, and people of the American Spinning Company from the private collection of Robert "Bob" H. Duke of Greenville. Organized in 1895 by Oscar Sampson, James Orr, and Jacob Cagle American Spinning Company began as a two-story wooden building, but grew rapidly adding a new brick building and other additions by the turn of the century. Despite changing hands several times over the decades, the mill continued its operation until June 27th, 1990. The mill building still stands today, however a majority of the village was razed.

Beautifying Greenville, SC

In 1907, the landscape architecture firm Kelsey & Guild, of Boston, MA, prepared a report for the Municipal League of Greenville in which they outlined, “the possibilities for beautifying and improving Greenville and…practical ways to accomplish results.”  This report, presented here in its final published version as well as the typescript version initially submitted to the League, provides a fascinating snapshot of the realities of life in Greenville over a century ago, as well as giving evidence of the early planning that went into creating the city we know today.


In 1923, the Greenville Public Library converted a Ford truck into a "Library Truck." It began service to the textile mill communities in the Parker District in September of that year. The second bookmobile was built on a Dodge chassis and began serving rural areas in December 1924. After 90 years, the Greenville County Library System still reaches out to rural patrons with 11 bookmobile stops around the county.

Brandon Mill Village Houses

Collection of photographs of the Brandon Mill community from the Brandon Historical Society and SC Room Archives. Organized in 1899, Brandon Mill was completed and producing fabric by 1901. Cotton manufacturing boomed in the Upstate and the mill expanded rapidly during the first decade of the 1900s. The mill operated until March 1977. One of the most famous Brandon residents and employees was baseball player, Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Dixie Dairy Wagon

Photograph collection of Greenville County businesses.

Camp Sevier Soldiers

Collection of photographs and other items from World War I Camp Sevier.

Wetherill Soldiers in Formation

Collection of Camp Wetherill photographs located in Greenville in 1898.

Collection of photographs of Camperdown Mill and community from the SC Room Archives. Camperdown was the first “modern” textile mill to be opened within city limits. Organized by Oscar Sampson, George Hall, and George Putnam in 1873, it began operation in the old Vardry McBee Mill, but was later expanded to a second building built across the Reedy River. The mill changed hands several times over the years and ceased operations in 1956. The mill was torn down in 1959; the foundations of the buildings and mill race remain visible in Falls Park.

Broom Drill Team

Photographs of Greenville County clubs, organizations, and sports.